Greetings from Caryl Pierson, founder of Math Teachers Press

Caryl Pierson - Founder of Math Teachers Press

This year Math Teachers Press celebrates 35 years since publishing the 1980 edition of Moving with Math by Topic, a program developed to provide targeted, topic-specific intervention to students in grades 1 through 8. The core standards embraced by that publication were carefully chosen to represent high but reasonable standards for students to master in grades 1 through 8. The program's impressive results show that the learning objectives were well chosen and the curriculum well designed.

Since then, Math Teachers Press has continually refined its learning objectives to address the instructional needs of school districts nationwide. For example, we have expanded our learning objectives to include Pre-K, Kindergarten, Pre-Algebra, and high school graduation standards. These learning objectives reflect the most recent NCTM standards (including NCTM Focal Points), key state standards, and international standards. Moving to the Common Core State Standards and CCSS-aligned assessment by 2014-2015 represents a continuation of this process of refinement. In fact, current users of Moving with Math programs have been pleasantly surprised to find that our curriculum materials are already highly matched to CCSS.

Despite all of the changes across the landscape of math education, our mission at Math Teachers Press remains unchanged: to help all students succeed in math––especially those who struggle most––while making the job of the teacher easier with handy organizational tools, user-friendly lesson plans, and web-based assessment and reporting to monitor student progress and provide accountability.

Browse the website, and then give us a call to discuss your needs. All of us at Math Teachers Press look forward to working with you as we continue our quest to find a better way to teach math—and reach more students than ever before.

Caryl Pierson

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