Jersey City

RTI Solutions for over 40 Years Tiered System of Support Jersey City Public Schools, New Jersey BACKGROUND Jersey City is the second largest city in New Jersey with a very diverse population. 13% of the students are English Language Learners speaking Spanish, Arabic, Tagalog and Urdu and 70% are eligible for free or reduced lunch. Some of most challenging high schools in the state and a very transient population set many challenges for the RISE team in charge of building a successful Multi Tiered System of Support in line with New Jersey’s state goals. The district’s curriculum did not provide the proper interventions or resources for students with IEPs who were performing significantly below grade level. The Department of Special Education needed consistent, engaging and easy-to-use intervention programs that supported all of their teachers, especially those who were less familiar with teaching math. Jersey City’s goal was to close the achievement gap and encourage greater inclusion and a less restrictive environment. They set out to find a curriculum that included: • High quality Assessments that provided Actionable Diagnostic Information • Easy-to-follow plans with Effective Lessons • Flexibility, Accountability and Professional Development Support for Teachers BUILDING THE FOUNDATIONS OF A SUCCESS STORY

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