Special Education and Title 1

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Moving with Math® integrates research-based strategies proven effective in increasing achievement for struggling learners. Learning strategies from Piaget and Marzano are the foundation in all programs.

These flexible programs may be used as a supplement, a double-dose, in self-contained classrooms for Tier 2 or Tier 3 intervention programs, or in tutoring centers. Teachers have the flexibility to use the lessons in sequential order or by the priority teachers feel necessary for their students.

  • Easy to Use Programs
  • Proven Results
  • Assessment and Instruction correlated to state standards
  • Assessment Driven IEP
  • Conceptually Based Instruction
  • Hands-on activities reaching students at all math proficiency levels

Assessment Driven IEP

Diagnostic prescriptive data from the Pre-Test is used to prepare an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Daily Reviews provide ongoing assessment.

Conceptually Based Instruction

The Concrete-Representational-Abstract (CRA) approach uses hands-on exploration, visual clarification, and written expression with symbols. Student practice continues on the Student Activity Book page.

Pages are in basic English with an outline of simplistic pictures and an explanation at the top of each page, followed by practice and problem solving.

Follow-Up Activities such as journal prompts, reteaching pages in Skill Builders, and games may be used on consecutive days to build student mastery.

Special Education Results

Results from Arlington Independent School District in Texas show the percent of increase in mean scores was 50%. The average gain for each student was 63%.

Special Ed. Results - Arlington, TX

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